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The Episcopal Church

Information for visitors about the national Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky

Trinity Episcopal Church is a mission congregation of the Diocese of Kentucky and is governed by a Bishop's Committee under the guidance of the Bishop of Kentucky.

The Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky COVID 19/Coronavirus Resources

Above are resources we’ve shared as we work together to keep ourselves healthy as our communities deal with the impact of the novel Coronavirus. As we face reality of the virus’ continued spread, Bishop White shares these words:

“I encourage us all to center ourselves in Christ's call to be people of light and compassion, and to face fear with hope and loving-kindness. Science is a gift from God, and provides us some markers for how to move forward and we commend the guidance provided by public health officials.” Please see that guidance in the resources below, as well as various updates.

Centering Prayer Retreat at St. Mary's Sewanee

Centering Prayer retreats at St. Mary’s Sewanee are currently taking place via Zoom.

Contact for more information.

The Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church

It is often said that every parish has a Verger whether they are identified as such. Vergers are typically lay ministers who assist the clergy of a church in multiple aspects of church life. The Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church is a national service organization for all those who volunteer in this capacity in the church.